Humanitarian Assistance from City of Montmorency

Humanitarian Assistance from City of Montmorency

The City of Montmorency participates in the financing of the Humanitarian Aid project for the displaced persons of the Artsakh war in Armenia. This international solidarity project is carried out in collaboration with the Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development and the Association Arménienne d’Aide Sociale.

The objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of poverty of these people by setting up a program to distribute food aid and basic necessities.

Montmorency is positioning itself as a city of solidarity!

Results of the project:
25 displaced families were taken care of for 4 months
A total of 100 packages were distributed.
119 people including 69 adults and 50 children received food packages and hygiene kits during 4 months.

Project implementation: May-August 2021