Access to adequate services for children with behavioural problems in Armenia

Access to adequate services for children with behavioural problems in Armenia

The project aims to promote the rights of children with social and behavioral problems by developing educational and rehabilitation services in Armenia.

Specific objectives:

To strengthen the capacities of specialists working in the field by training a team of methodologists capable of acting not only as service providers but also trainers and methodologists, thus contributing to the development of a methodological resource center.
To provide qualified education and rehabilitation services for children with behavioral problems by developing and adapting rehabilitation mechanisms and methodologies.
To promote the integration of children at risk in their native societies and in public schools, ensuring a qualified specialist in educational, rehabilitation and integration services at the community level.

Project Description

The project will strengthen civil society and existing child rights institutions to become an effective force in the defense of children’s rights.

The project activities, which are aimed at the protection of human rights of vulnerable groups, contribute to the integration of society by initiating a dialogue and bridge between the broad spectrum of state and stakeholder experience and analysis of the situation related to children with social and behavioral problems and their families in Armenia.

The project will be linked to existing integrated social services, rehabilitation centers, day/night protection institutions and alternative juvenile justice projects. The developed referral mechanism will link all existing state, community and non-governmental structures and provide a model for effective cooperation.

Expected results:

  • 10 professionals are trained and pre-qualified as trainers and methodologists
  • 100 professionals from 10 regions have increased capacity in the prevention and rehabilitation of adolescent behavior problems.
  • A toolkit for assessment, design, intervention and reporting of adolescent behavior problems is developed, tested and used.
  • A room dedicated to the activities of the resource center is renovated and equipped in the special educational complex No. 1.
  • The number of children in the special educational complex is reduced.

The project will focus its efforts not only on building the capacity of the future Resource Center, but also on working with families for preventive purposes.

The project was funded by the Association Arménienne d’Aide Sociale, the Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development and co-financed by the Saint Sarkis Charity Trust.

Project completion date: 2016