Anahit’s passion for photography

Anahit’s passion for photography
My passion for photography comes from my childhood. Yet, I never thought that I would be on the path to becoming one. It was something imaginary, disconnected from my routine plans but a left-out idea in a “drawer of my closet.”
I learned about the “Women empowerment “project from my husband, a veteran of the 2020 war. He gave me incredible motivation to partake in the competition. I vowed to help ourselves.
To tell the truth, we were several wives from veteran families who put onto the paper our ideas and applied for the program. I wasn’t sure that my idea would be approved, but I did my best, designed my business plan, and sent it. Good news came in a couple of weeks. I was among the grantees. It was a joyful day. I was offered my professional photography training and my camera with three objectives. It is not so easy to harness shooting techniques, but I am stubborn and will do it.
I did my first tests and dared my first photos, and they are not so bad at all. I need to learn more, and I will do it. At the outset, my models were my family members, and this was amazing to see how they loved what I was doing.
When a thought or an idea becomes a reality, it is a personal achievement Not only for me but also for my husband, who, alongside his struggle for rehabilitation, shares my progress.