Alla commits to success

Alla commits to success

When we first met Alla in March 2022 during a training session,  she was perplexed despite her calm posture and carefully taking  notes. She thought that she wasn’t at the place to be. It was the first time in her life when she was making her first steps to build her own small business. She had never worked before, but when her husband was gravely wounded and had a disability, she understood that she should do something to survive. She thought about no skills and low-paid jobs.

When she learned about the program, she realized that it was her opportunity to submit a business plan but panicked because she thought she wouldn’t be among those who would be shortlisted for funding.

When in May 2022, we announced that her training and small business requests were approved and soon her equipment would be funded, she was happy after a long period of despair.

We met her again in July 2022 at the business location she rented. She showed her creations, schoolgirl dresses for daily and festive events.

She managed to design her logo and brand, which were at the printing phase. Her husband also comes almost every day to be    close to her. Still, she told us that she would involve him in fabricating clothes by making him do simple operations.

Seeing how the project transformed this desperate woman into a brave, enthusiastic entrepreneur, with plans to hire new people and expand her business was amazing.

We promised to meet soon.