Arus makes plans for the future

Arus makes plans for the future


It is not easy to continue living when you lose your loved husband. It is much more difficult when you need to cope with life challenges with your minor children. We helped Arus launch her business in Sevkar village through funding for necessary equipment. Every afternoon she makes her clients beautiful by providing them with manicure and pedicure services in the rented  salon.

Although the income is still modest, she already has the intention to build her future premises to reduce her business running cost  for the rent.

She is waiting for the municipality’s decision to endow some ground.

When I asked, what were her plans, she told me that when she will begin to earn enough money with the beauty salon, she would be able to realize her dream project: to open her own pharmacy because she has pharmaceutical education.

We agreed that it is hard times now, but she was full of hope and sure that she would get what she had wanted for many years.

When we were on the edge of leaving, she asked if this project may help other war victims because she was in contact at least with ten women in Ijevan who were looking for some support to  be self-sufficient.

I responded: I don’t know, but we would do our best to find funds….

We promised to meet soon.