Clean Sevan

Clean Sevan

Overall objective: The objective of the project is to contribute to sustainable development in Armenia while raising awareness about the environment and the impact of waste on the ecosystem.

Specific objective: The project aims to clean up undeveloped beaches while creating jobs for the inhabitants of the region.

Duration: 2 months

Project background: Lake Sevan is located in the Gegharkunik region (1898 m above sea level) and is characterized by a unique ecosystem with a total basin area of 5 thousand km2, lake area of 1.2 thousand km2, volume of 35.8 billion m3. It has great importance not only for the region but also for the country. Lake Sevan is the largest freshwater basin in the South Caucasus.

The lake has a significant impact not only on the overall ecological balance of the region, but also on the economy.

Several decisions of the RA government have allowed the creation of 8 public beaches. These beaches are numbered, from N°1 to N°8 in order of decision dates. They represent a total of 28.16 ha of land. The beaches N°1, 2 and 3 are fully developed, the beach N°8 is under development. On the other hand, the beaches N° 4, 5, 6 and 7 are delimited, but have not been developed.

During the summer season these beaches are frequented by tourists and residents of different regions of Armenia.

Our research has shown that public beaches are frequented throughout the year and especially during the summer season. This frequentation, which is increasing during the months of July and August, leads to the progressive degradation of public beaches.

There is a cruel lack, but also a total absence in some places, of garbage cans, awareness displays of environmental protection, garbage collection, dumping area and especially a lack of cleaning team.

The sustainability of the project will be achieved by the permanent installation of awareness signs and dumpsters which will be guarded by the Sevan National Park.

The Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development is committed to renewing the self-adhesive posters in case of deterioration and the distribution of awareness-raising leaflets for the next 3 years.

The project was financed by the Veolia Foundation: