Fields of activity

Fields of activity


Active in managing the return and reintegration of migrants since its inception, the Armenian Foundation for Sustainable Development is one of the leading non-state actors in Armenia in this field. Our in-depth knowledge of migration is not just a matter of theory but expertise based on our field knowledge. We offer our expertise in conducting field assessments and developing policy documents, roadmaps, manuals, and toolkits in the field of migration. The progressive introduction of Artificial Intelligence Systems in managing migration flows in recent years has focused our attention on the legal and ethical aspects of using AI systems in this area.

Women Empowerment

We have been supporting vulnerable women through vocational training and small business creation. Our support ensures the sustainability of assistance and contributes to their empowerment and self-sufficiency.


To ensure equal access to education for all segments of society and focus on the most vulnerable, we also renovate and equip schools and libraries, fund university scholarships, and innovative projects in education.

Vulnerable People

By focusing our activities on the promotion and protection of the rights of vulnerable people, we strive to guarantee them equal access to information and education for better social and economic inclusion in society.


By organizing large-scale Francophone events for over a decade, we aim to build the capacity of French-speaking schools, promote the French language in remote areas of Armenia, and implement language and cultural exchange programs for youth and professionals.


In addition to providing material support to public and private partners, AF4SD conducts numerous awareness and information campaigns to improve daily behavior for greater environmental respect.