Social and Economic Inclusion for Vulnerable Women in Armenia

Social and Economic Inclusion for Vulnerable Women in Armenia

Immediately after the end of the 44-day war, throughout 2021, the Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development, in cooperation with its partner organizations, provided support to more than 1,000 people displaced from Artsakh, as well as the families of 50 servicemen who were killed during the war.

Concerned about the socio-economic situation of vulnerable families affected by the war, the Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development in partnership with Saint Sarkis Charity Trust and Association Arménienne d’Aide Sociale has launched a new socio-economic inclusion project which started in January 2022.

The project consists of the following stages:

“Start-up stage” during which participants will acquire basic labor market knowledge and entrepreneurial skills, which will subsequently help facilitate their transition to the vocational training or business creation stage.

“Vocational training and orientation stage”, during which participants will acquire a new profession or improve their knowledge in order to find a job or start a small business in the future. In addition to the training courses, participants will also receive individual advice specific to the sector of activity.

“Business creation stage”, where participants will present their business ideas, develop a business plan and apply for a grant of up to AMD 1 500 000.

Following the call for applications issued in February 2022, the AF4SD received 124 applications, 64 of which were eligible. 32 women participated in entrepreneurial capacity building trainings before presenting their professional projects and/or business plans to the grant awarding committee.

At the end of May 2022, the grant awarding committee validated 18 business and 18 vocational training projects.
All projects started in June and July 2022 and will be monitored.

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