The transformation of the Special educational complex into Resource Center

The transformation of the Special educational complex into Resource Center

The project aims to promote the resolution of social and behavioral problems of children by reducing the number of students at the special complex.

Specific objectives :

. To promote the current status of children with social and behavioral problems through the development and launch of the project to modify the “Resource Center”.

. To promote the integration of children at risk in their native societies and in public schools through the methodology of preventive activities and the development of a personalized educational plan.

Project activities :

. Approval of the manual “What teachers need to know about undesirable behavior” by the Government of RA, aiming to implement the training manual for school teachers.

. To make both the analysis of the situation of children with social and behavioral problems (the place of birth, the school attended from 2016-2018, age, gender, history, family problems).

. Conduct analysis of the number of special complex students re-entered into general schools.

. The approved manual will be divided into training modules, the specialists who wrote the manual will also be invited

. To organize training for educational leaders of schools who are interested in anti-social behavior, including a psychologist and a social worker.

. To elaborate a new statute and a financial process for the “Resource Center” by integrating a financier and a lawyer.

. Organize public discussions on the new statute.

. Present the developed statute to the RA Government for approval.

Expected results :

. A Resource Center with a new status and financial process.

. To have the exact number of students from the special education complex returned to the general schools as part of the project.

. Teaching professionals ready to respond to children’s anti-social behavior.

. A Resource Center with professionals such as psychologist and social worker.

Project completion date: 2019-2020